All From 1 Supplier is a proud sponsor of  Travelspan & Amrals Travel Cooking Competition in Sint Maarten

August 07, 2023, Queens, New York.  Branded as our Culture, Our Cuisine and Our Music; it was a Travelspan and Amral’s Travel take over in St. Maarten, from July 27 thru Aug 05.  An estimated over  600 + combined guests for both events,  arrived from all over the United States, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and even Holland to attend our third annual Curry Duck – Duck Curry Cooking Competition, and our second Caribbean Throwback Getaway.


This year hold no limits as the organizers raised the bar once again by hosting a special VIP guest the Hon former Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago Mr. Basdeo Panday and his wife Mrs. Oma Panday.


The festivities officially kicked off with the arrival of this year’s headliner "the Boss himself” Mr. Raymond Ramnarine, Veejai Ramkissoon, Shelia Basdeo Savita Singh, young upcoming Arianna, a live Tassa Group out of Trinidad , and DJ Turbulence just to name a few.

The Curry Duck – Duck Curry Cooking Competition is well into its third year and have been tremendously received by all in attendance and have seen a substantial growth in an upward trajectory, "we are positive about the results and trust that with the continued corporation and support of all involved this event can continue to make major strides and grow in popularity”.


This year’s Curry Duck – Duck Curry Cooking Competition, introduced, social media sensations Natasha, of Trini Cooking with Natasha, Sandy or Sandy’s Backyard’s Kitchen, Shaun of Foodie Nation as 3 of its main judges, alongside the resorts Head Chef Francisco, and returning judge Dave of Dave’s West Indian, and as a head spinner the organizers made it a blind taste testing, in order to declare the winner.


For the second year in a row 2022 defending champion Mr. Ryan Chan, rose above all others with his superb tasting Curry Duck and reigned supreme, once again retaining his championship title, he goes out undefeated; Coming in a close 2nd place was Indo-Trinidadian Marlene Jaggernath of New York and taking 3rd and 4thplace respectively was Ragan Ramsoondar of Trinidad & Tobago and Dr. Asher, an Afro-Guyanese of Orlando FL, all winners of big cash prizes.